Colight Co. Singapore - A Summer Vibes Wedding

Colight Co. Singapore - A Summer Vibes Wedding

This refreshing couple’s gorgeous wedding is simply a reflection of their fun-loving personalities and relationship, as shown in this amazing album. 

The groom shared: “The most memorable and embarrassing moment for me was putting the wrong ring on my wife’s finger. I was too focused on handling the ring, and little did I know I was carefully putting the wrong ring on. I only realised when she said, ‘Eh, wrong ring la.’ This is something I’ll never forget!”

When asked for her most memorable moments, the bride remembered the manner in which she held the bouquet throughout the wedding. “I remember it being so heavy. Many times, I wanted to put it on the table but continued to hold it. At the end of the ceremony, many friends sent screenshots of our live feed saying I held it like a sword!”

The couple wanted a vintage bohemian vibe with tropical touches. They played with shades of yellow, peach, and a combination of earth tones for a fresh take on the vintage concept they had in mind.

As for the wedding favours, they opted for something novel that would also be practical for their guests. With guests’ safety and well-being in mind (amid the pandemic), they opted for individually packed drinks and food like ‘kuih’, sandwiches and a coconut drink. The craft bags were chosen to match the wedding theme, and as a parting touch, a custom sticker of the couple was attached to each one.


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